Developer Kits

PVMsys provides various developer kits so that every stakeholder in the development environment can hook on easily to the BRIX platform. The multi layer architecture of BRIX platform gives complete flexibility during development. And thus it is easier for the competent IT companies to work well along with us.

Various development kits provided:

Application Model Extender Kit

This tool kit provides easy to use GUI to extend application model of ODS server.

Catalog Importer Kit

This tool helps administrator to create master data population using MS Excel.

Analysis Tool Integration Kit

This tool kit is high level APIs which can be used by analysis tool supplier to provide interface with ODS server.

UI Development kit

This tool kit has inbuilt GUI components which can be added by developer to speed of application development.

Report Builder Tool kit

This tool kit is provided for configuring customized reports using report template concept. It makes it easy for the engineers to easily customize and manage the templates.

Modular architecture in preparation of BRIX platform, helps in integrating development partners easily and finally help OEMs in having faster execution of project.