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PVMsys has been PVM solutions leading provider worldwide by introducing the Product Validation Management (PVM) concept for the first time. It has been widely appreciated by the engineers worldwide. Prior to PVM, people loosely used the words measurement data management (MDM) or test data management (TDM).

However, in our opinion test and its data is the part of a bigger validation process and facility and data has to be with complete validation process to convert the test data into Reusable Knowledge. This Reusable knowledge is very critical for you to reduce development time of new product. Hence it is not only data management but it is a complete product validation management (PVM) process which create multi fold values for the organization.

Application areas

Facility planning & scheduling system

a. Optimize utilization of available test facilities

b. Plan & schedule test requests systematically


a. Convert your data into ODS compliant file formats

b. Connect your analysis tools to ODS compliant repository

Test data management / Measurement data management

a. Store measured data in standardized format

b. Create reusable knowledge repository

Model based system engineering

a. Connect physical test data to Simulation (CAE/CAT)

b. Analyze different design scenarios with required data sets

Big Data

a. Process only critical data

b. Use this data in development environment

Connected Systems

a. Connect to your upstream analysis tools

b. Connect test data to business data (ERP, PLM, etc. )

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iASYS is the parent company of PVMsys
It has delivered 370 + engineering turnkey test solutions including engineering testing setup & test automation systems.


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